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What is SkyTextMsg all about..?

So here's the deal. Today you can go to the major cell phone carriers web sites and send a text message through each carrier's web page, or you can setup one account with SkyTextMsg to use any of the major carrier's text messaging services and SAVE the information for each of your contacts online so you can reuse it again and again.


You have a professional office where your clients come for a service of some kind - let's use a Dentist as an example. Your dental office has a receptionist or office administrator who has the responsibility to call each of your clients to remind them that they have an appointment with you tomorrow or the following day.

Using the SkyTextMsg service you can send a text message reminder to all of your clients with a single click of your mouse. SkyTextMsg also includes an optional Email component that includes the same message in an email - both sent at the same time!




How do I get started..?

Take advantage of this exciting new capability right now by signing up for the 5 day FREE trial!

To start, you create a "subscription" to the service where you identify the company that you represent and enter some basic information needed for the subscription. Once the subscription is created, you build a list of the Accounts (SkyTextMsg user accounts) that you need for your company. You can have as many accounts (each having their own ID and Password) as needed for your business.

Each Account holder can then add as many Contacts as they wish for sending Text and Email messages.

Your office might only need one Account with your subscription - perhaps only one person maintains the reminder list for the office. Perhaps your office needs several Accounts, one for each department - no problem. Sound good..? We think so...

So let's get going! Click here to begin.

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