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Are you interested in what your customers have to say about your products or services? Do you want to improve your customer engagements and maintain your customer base? You can start with SanSueB Software's SurveySays!

A fully configurable interface for asking any type of question with multiple different formats and potential answer types. Yes/No, multiple choice, text boxes for written comments - they're all here.

The best tool for receiving and analyzing your customers feedback is through an online survey where they can be candid and anonymous or provide their contact information for you to follow-up. Either way your business benefits!

In just a few minutes you will be on your way to pulling together your first survey.

SurveySays! supports the following functions:

  • Multiple Choice Questions
  • True/False Questions
  • Yes/No and follow-up Questions
  • Comments
  • Email Surveys
  • Results Reports
  • Analysis
SurveySays! gives you the choices you need to retrieve valuable feedback from your customers on the products and services you provide.

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